HP Printer Setup and Troubleshooting 

HP Printer Setup

HP Printer Setup is one of the basic steps for executing full-fledged tasks of the printer in a hassle-free way. It helps in taking care of the faults that might emerge in the future. The user need not lose heart if he encounters any form of a major or minor hiccup in the HP Printer Setup process as solutions are available for almost every issue in the 21st century.

A Small peep into the HP Printer world

  • All the features from A-Z should be available for the user
  • All the models are pocket-friendly
  • Constant upgradation is the key to improvement and better performance in order to surpass the cut-throat competition
  • Choice of  the printer based on the user’s needs and comfort

Lucid process for setting up the HP Printer in no time

  • Remove all the parts and components carefully from the package
  • Take not only the printer but also take out the USB (Universal Serial Bus), HP certified, paper input tray and branded ink cartridges
  • Next, power up the printer immediately
  • Fix all settings based on your preference- correct date and time, geographical location, date and time
  • Further, complete the internet connectivity through Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable
  • Attempt to utilize WPS (Wireless Protected Setup) as it is a better alternative
  • Further, place in all the ink cartridges
  • Keep a bunch of new A4 papers via the paper tray
  • Visit the URL which is the official website to complete the remaining tasks
  • Finally, the printer is all set for usage and the HP Printer Setup is finished.

Printer Driver Download

  • Visit the official HP web page and enter your model number and model name
  • Click the start or begin option
  • Press the download button
  • The file is stored after a couple of minutes
  • Further, blindly obey all the guidelines in order to complete the driver installation
  • Also, upgrade your printer software and driver consistently for optimum performance
  • Generally, the same process can be implemented via the CD in your package
  • Make sure to download the perfect driver

Basic Steps to follow for troubleshooting

The internet router should be closed down and re-opened
Further, remove every cable and wire without fail
Later, analyze the print tasks arrangement and clear all pending and upcoming print jobs.
Modify all existing printer settings
If any new issues crop up all of a sudden, dial the toll-free number 1-888-214-7210


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